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Buddha's Short Holistic Rituals

For those, who do not have time to spare for a full massage, Buddha has a ready solution– Buddha's Short Rituals. These therapies concentrate only on the part which an individual wants. The tense muscles of that part of the body are eased through massage and pressure points.

foot massage 1Traditional Foot Reflexology

The reflex points on the soles of the feet are worked on to stimulate energy flow and restore harmony. This massage promotes quality sleep, increases circulation and energy flow to boost immunity, rejuvenating your entire body. A leg massage is included to promote relaxation and produce a sense of completeness.

334_alisal_web__destress_backBuddha Back Therapy

This therapy gives relaxation to the most stressed part of your body- YOUR BACK. All the nerves of our body run through the spine, therfore a good back massage becomes a necessity in modern day life for a stressed back as it can relieve lower back pains. This therapy involves an exclusive Deep Tissue Massage focusing specifically on the back followed by a thermal pack to relax and relieve muscular tensions.

handmassageBuddha Hand Therapy

An invigorating massage that not only eases tense muscles and knots in the hands and arms, it also induces a deep sense of relaxation, as it is your hands that do most oyour daily work. An ayurvedic oil massage, this therapy increases blood circulation and relieves stress. Includes a scrub followed by masque.

foot massageBuddha Foot Therapy

Because it's your feet that carry you all day long, pamper them with this classic rejuvenating foot massage. This therapy increases the blood flow of the body thereby relaxing all the muscles of our body. Includes a scrub followed by masque.

head massageBuddha Head Massage

This ancient therapy using warm ayurvedic oil relaxes and tones muscles on the scalp, head, neck and shoulder to improve blood circulation, relieve tension and promote relaxation. It helps in elimination of toxins of body, balancing the Chakras of body for peace and tranquility. Massage is followed by a scented hot towel for better absorption of oil.

thai_herbal_massage_ball_51Herbal Hot Compress (Potali)

An herbal compress referred as 'Potali' in India is a blend of traditional exotic herbs and medicated powders blended together in a cotton cloth. These Potalis are then boiled in medicated aromatic oils and applied on various parts of the body. It helps balance body dosha (esp vata) – thus helps problems like backaches, sciatica, arthritic problems & different muscular pains. It's very effective for better blood circulation and relieves joint pains, cramps and stress.