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In addition to our extensive beauty and spa repertoire, we now offer an upscale hair salon experience including Haircuts, Hair Colour and Straightening, manicures and pedicures, Threading and Waxing and Cosmetic make-up. We also offer a full range of services for children. We pride ourselves on offering a unique and family-friendly atmosphere.

Our talented team includes experienced cosmetologists, nail technicians, expert hair stylists and a skin care esthetician to offer you the utmost in quality hair, skin and nail care. The dedicated stylists and professionals at Buddha Salon & Spa are on the cutting edge of today's trends, fashion, and relaxation. We even have a world-renowned updo and make-up artist on staff for those special occasions when you absolutely must look your best.

We at Buddha Salon & Spa truly believe the customer experience always takes center stage. From the consistent use of properly cleaned, sterilized tools and equipment, to the level of dedication and care in ensuring your experience is unquestionably the best, our commitment to excellence should be par for the course for any salon/spa of this caliber. From the moment you leave our oasis until your next visit, we want your mind reminiscing about your Buddha experience. We want you feeling absolutely wonderful.

Come experience for yourself how we’ve evolved to serve you better.